Every leader needs support and managers perform better when they are mentored.

Coaching to Strengths

For Managers

Many department managers within a rural hospital setting arrive in their positions after working their way up through the organization over several years. It’s common to see a manager take on the role after a decade or more "working on the floor".

Our certified leadership coaches use highly developed and proven tools to help cultivate advanced leadership and communication skills. Coaching is an investment in your managers to help them cultivate high performing teams.

For the CEO

Top athletes rely heavily on their coaches for direction, insight and encouragement. Leading political figures engage strategists and advisors to help prepare the perfect address while scholars gladly confess their reliance on words of wisdom from close mentors. Board members and hospital leaders are at the top level of their organizations and oftentimes need a reliable, knowledgeable source to turn to in times of crisis, change and growth.

Impact! has advised healthcare leaders on the most complex situations and challenging times. From the closing of service lines, employment disputes, relationship development, new service launches, public hearings, replacement facility projects and beyond, we listen and then we help you take the most effective appropriate action.

Our service to our clients is confidential and constant. Because of the nature of our close coaching relationship, we are happy to provide references.

Our Coaches

Michelle Rathman

Michelle Rathman Batschke

Michelle Rathman Batschke is the President and CEO of Impact! Communications, Inc., an award-winning healthcare consulting company founded in 1989. Impact! is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and an industry leader in healthcare strategy, specializing in organizational culture transformation, communications and community engagement. With her team of skilled facilitators, trainers, visual story tellers and branding experts, they help hospitals raise the bar on employee engagement and satisfaction, accountability, community engagement, patient satisfaction and customer service, and they do so in a very meaningful, innovative, tangible and affordable way.

She and her seasoned team of healthcare experts specialize in working with hospitals ranging from academic medical centers to rural and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), Planetree Hospitals, and those which are both union and non-union environments. Michelle is a featured keynote speaker with a powerful, inspirational message delivered with a refreshing balance of humor, humility and honesty. She has facilitated several hundred hours of intense group sessions, helping teams understand how to rid themselves of past baggage while creating a shared vision for what they can accomplish when the present and future become the focus of their conversations.

Mary Sheahen

Mary Sheahen
Mary is an experienced health care executive with more than 25 years of leadership experience, including 15 years in senior level management roles. Her clinical background gives her the unique perspective of understanding the complexity of the environment and the challenges inherent in healthcare. She has held roles in a hospital setting from staff nurse, through nurse manager and director, to vice president, chief operating officer and finally CEO. Mary’s unique experience along with her personal coaching and mentoring style has allowed for significant growth and development in the managers and leaders working with her.

Suzanne Murry

Suzanne Hockley Murry, PhD

Suzanne brings a wealth of wisdom and skills derived from her systems level leadership experience and successful practice of helping individuals get “unstuck” and achieve new levels of excellence. She provided oversight to a huge system of hospitals during a time of financial crises, changing mandate, and political turmoil. Suzanne’s innovative doctoral level research on resilience and multi-dimensional well-being launched a decade of empowering individuals to be their best selves in every context of life. She loves working with organizations, teams, and individuals in a variety of settings.

About our Leadership Development Tools:

1) EQI (Emotional Quotient Inventory) measures the skills that leaders need to be effective in their roles. Unlike one’s intelligence quotient (IQ), one’s emotional intelligence can improve, but it is only through a true self-assessment that individuals can become more in tune with their EQ. There are 15 EQ skills (such as problem solving, optimism, interpersonal relationship skills, and emotional self-awareness). After much research, these skills have been determined to be essential for a strong leader to have in order to accomplish goals and obtain the most ideal outcomes in any situation.

2) StrengthsFinder 2.0 is a tool developed with the Gallup organization and identifies and focuses on the participant's top five strengths. Different than the EQ tool, StrengthsFinder focuses only on the individual’s core strengths and then provides a solid framework for more effective leadership. Understanding and developing strengths will be essential as participants learn more about their emotional intelligence and areas in which improvement is needed or desired.