Outmigration happens, and it happens for a variety of reasons. If it’s happening to you, Impact! can help.

Hospital administrators and board members are puzzled when they watch community members drive past their facilities to receive care by a competitor–even though their facility may have the same technology and medical services.

The Impact! approach uncovers and effectively addresses the root causes behind outmigration. Through our proven facilitated process, we help you see what may be missing from your community outreach efforts. Our high-energy and interactive planning sessions provide you with the momentum needed to launch new ideas, bring patients back and welcome new customers to your front door.

Our innovative strategies and tools to reverse outmigration are well-established, customized to fit your culture and designed to engage a broader community base while increasing the value of your hospital in the hearts and minds of those whom you serve.

How does Impact! reverse outmigration?

We begin by facilitating on-site group sessions that dive deep into your outmigration causes.

From these sessions, we then develop a customized “Strategic Communications Playbook” that clearly defines and explains the processes and plans needed to help you: